Motion Control Car Red5


With motion control you can go from novice to expert in a matter of seconds and be controlling the mini-car with your hand gestures


When you’re driving a radio-controlled car, do you whip the remote around, willing the car to go in the direction you’re thinking… and then watching as it doesn’t? We’ve all been there, but those days are behind you, and it’s all thanks to the RED5 Motion Control Car!

No longer do you have to battle with sticks on the remote controller. This car’s controller responds to your hand gestures, moving the car in the direction that you move your hand! And, you don’t have to spend ages mastering tricks either. With 2 built-in trick buttons and a throttle button on the controller, you can perform daredevil stunts with just a tap of your thumb!

The RED5 Motion Control Car gives you just about the same driving time as the time it takes to charge, which is virtually unheard of in the RC world. A short 10 to 20 minutes of charging time will give you driving time of between 10 and 15 minutes! And, being USB-chargeable, you can charge it from any device with a USB port, so you can take it on the move with you.

If you want to feel a new kind of radio-controlled power in your hands, you definitely need this Motion Control Car from RED5!